adidas Originals Fall Winter 07

for their global fall/winter 07 campaign adidas Originals wanted to create “unique images that dramatise & bring to life the collection”, not “ads”. I wanted to do something with installations and rely less on post. Vivianne Sassen & Martine Stig are fine art photographers so they were perfect for the job. We flooded the sets using film daylights and simply documented what we had made. No flash, no retouching.


Print Photography

Sets hand-crafted by Dutch film production designers Jelier & Schaaf.

Black & White:
The more premium side of Originals.

Materials of the World:
An airport scene cut from foam.

A collaboration with Goodyear tires called for a racing inspired theme and burning rubber.

Clean Casuals:
College inspired.

The process of vulcanization in which the rubber is bonded from millions of tiny balls inspired this minature installtion.


From my sketches to 3-D renderings to the finished product.