adidas basketball-
Game Changer digital

To celebrate the 2010 NBA All Star game and the launch of the brand’s Team Signature Supernatural, its lightest basketball shoe, we partnered with YouTube to release a series of interactive videos starring NBA All-Star Dwight Howard. The idea being to try and make Youtube feel less passive, more interactive. Even giving it some classic “arcade game” features and getting millions of hits.


Play YouTube

Users could toggle between different videos on YouTube (Dwight is Faster, Stronger & Lighter) and interact with them,
controlling the action. This is a video demo of the experience.

Dwight is Faster

This video gave the user the power to unlock never seen before footage of Dwight by sharing the experience
with friends through the Youtube interface.

Dwight is Stronger

This one let the viewer toggle between multiple camera angles within YouTube using their arrow keys
on their keyboard, to see Dwight attacking from every angle.

Dwight is Lighter

This one integrated a control panel  into the YouTube screen, the faster you click, the higher Dwight jumps,
like one of those old school athletics computer games on Atari.