Handbags for Feet

Inspired by the most desirable item on a girls shopping list: her handbag – adidas released the range of apparel and footwear called Handbags for Feet. The film revolves around a young girl from Berlin called Amelie. Shot with a ‘French New Wave’ influence, the film documents a day in her life as she notices things around her that most people miss.


Directed by Ben Dawkins for Stink.

Print / photography

Legendary documentary photographers Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin (ex-editors of Colors magazine) were called on to shoot the print work but also to document the process of the entire Originals Spring/Summer 08 campaign. We felt that photographers of this calibre would lend the project some authenticity within the “fashion/lifestyle” category.


The Facebook group of Celebrate Originality enabled fans to contribute their own “Originals”.