Project: a global relaunch of  the brand. An integrated project which included digital experience, films, print and a music video. A total overhaul of the brand on every level. We had to try and make gin cool again after it had become a poor cousin to vodka and inject it with some style and make it more “masculine”, more like whiskey or bourbon. So we recruited soul singer Aloe Blacc, Idris Elba (The Wire), Michael Pitt (Boardwalk Empire) and supermodel/singer Karen Elson to help us give the brand a new feeling.


Print with Tom Munro:

These “Irving Penn-like” portraits of our cast were done using natural light at Pier 59 in NYC.
(left to right: Michael Pitt, Karen Elson, Idris Elba and Aloe Blacc)


This type was made by photographing our computer screens…trying to get that slightly “drunk” feeling when you see a neon light from a cab window in NYC. Type developed with designer Henrik Walse.

Music video and an original single with Aloe Blacc:

Aloe Blacc had recently released his hit “I Need A Dollar” and came up with a single to become the soundtrack for the brand. Directed by Philip Andelman at Partizan Paris.

Digital Experience with B-Reel New York

The single is available to download from http://www.tanqueray.com, as part of an interactive film that invites visitors to explore ‘Bar Tanqueray’. As they progress through the site they can unlock rewards (including the download) as they go. They can use the original session files from the recording to create their own interpretations. Blacc reviewed all submissions and selected his favorite to be announced online.

The interview sessions with Michael Pitt, Idris Elba, Karen Elson
and Aloe Blacc.

We shot these simple films while on set with Tom Munro which became part of  the Tanqueray interview sessions.


Trailer Film

This film was created to tease the digital experience and seeded online. Directed by Anders Halberg at B-reel New York, featuring Swedish Actor Fares Fares as the Barman. “Bar Tanqueray” was built from scratch in a deserted Soviet era opera house in Vilnius, Lithuania. A 2 ton antique chandelier fell from a 10 meter high ceiling and almost killed 3 clients.

Shooting drinks…stills

Matthew Shave shot the drinks in his London studio.



We shot these shorts about different drinks getting made in a studio next door to where we shot the trailer film. They were used as 15″ spots and were also used in “toolkits” to teach barmen about Tanqueray.


A huge outdoor buy across the U.S  and Europe insured you couldn’t miss the campaign.