The Young Designers Emporium

Entrepreneur Paul Simon started the Young Designers Emporium to showcase emerging fashion designers in South Africa. When the communications department moved in-house I came on board as creative director. Which also meant I was art director , designer and occasional window dresser too.


Business cards which were actual buttons.


Fall/Winter carry bags made for the Cape Town market. The state of the bags progressed as the stormy Cape winter wore on.


Hundreds of thousands of perfumed trees in the 15 YDE stores across South Africa to announce the Spring season.

Winter posters

It’s biological.

Dick and Jane grow up in AIDS awareness campaign

We were looking for an idea with an educational tone and since the message: “wear a condom” is so simple, it made sense to represent it a way that was as rudimentary as step one of learning to read. The campaign distributed thousands of branded condoms as well as informative literature.



We managed to convince legendary 1970s advertising illustrator Tony Butler out of retirement to do the paintings.


An informative kit teaching the basics of safe sex and containing condoms was distributed in stores.


The safe sex kit became an interactive educational game online.

Wear Rubber

New season, new look

Launch the winter season with a call to “clean out your closet”, creating a washing powder called YDEtergent.


The packaging of the washing powder became window display and the carry bag for customers to take home.

Summer Sale

The sale progressed with the heat of the South African summer.